Parts Diagrams

1000 Series Information# TBV-1000 Vac - Pac Combo

Chain and Waste Removal....
Combo includes

TBV-400 UT 1.5" Chain & Waste
Vacuum Assembly
TBV-100LT Lite-Touch Toe Action
Treadle Air Switch
TBV-190 "UT Waste Bag Unit 12 gal. Capacity
MSB150 1.5" Muffler - FREE

#TBV - 1010 Vac-Pac Combo
Combo includes:

TBV-400 UT 1.5" Chain & Waste
Vacuum Assembly
TBV-110LT Lite-Touch Toe & Heel
Action Treadle Air Switch
TBV-190 "UT Waste Bag Unit,
12 gal. Capacity
MSB150 1.5" Muffler -FREE


For Top Mount & Semi Submerged machine

1.5"(Snap-Out) Waste Funnel
Assembly. Mounts to table Top

For Fully - Submerged Mounted

1.5"(Swing-Away) Waste Funnel
Assembly. Mounts under table Top

NOTE: Inquire about other specialized machine mounted waste Funnls and waste removal applications.


The UT Under Table Mounted waste Bag Units collect and contain cut chain, trimmed waste, dust, oily lint and other debris from the sewing machine head

Mounts under table - around drawer
Quick and easy to empty
Double inlets for many uses

TBV-190 1 1/2' & 3/4 inlets
TBV-191 2" & 3/4 inlets

*Makes Machine Cleaning a Snap
*Service One to Ten machine With a Single Vacuum Gun
*Adapts To Any Machine
*Quick Connect Supply & Discharge Hoses

25570 AirVac Docking Station

*Improved Vacuum
*No Messy Clean-up

To use: Connect TBV-2002 Vacuum Gun exhaust hose with adaptorand compressed air made quick disconnect into AirVac Docking Station.

Operates best at 80psi or (5.5 Ear)

TBV-2002 Vacuum Gun

25767 Hose & Hose Kit
(for old style TBV-2001 gun)

Assembled View
TBV-190, #25770, TBV-2002

Install TBV-190 under front left corner of table top.
Install #25770 AirVac docking station under front edge of table top.
Connect 3/4" exhaust hose from TBV-190 to #25770.
Connect 1/4" /6mm tubing from quick disconnect (female) to compressed air supply.

Now simply plug in TBV-2002
Vacuum Gun to clean machine.

All oily lint and debris
is contained in TBV-190 Waste bag unit.

Up-grade later to Chain Removal, or Chain &